Summer Solstice Signature Dinner


Summer Solstice Signature Dining Experience

Our annual Summer Solstice Signature Dining Experience takes place on Thurs, June 19th with Celebrity Chef Kevin Dundon, who will preside over an evening filled with the finest food and wine in the beautiful setting of the Raglan Room. Chef Kevin Dundon has created a delectable 5 course menu incorporating fresh seasonal flavors for a special Summer Solstice Signature Dinner. Each course will be paired with a carefully selected wine enhancing the delicious flavors of each dish.

The Summer Solstice heralds the longest day of the year and is a celebration of the first harvest when vegetables, fruit and herbs planted during the spring are collected. Traditionally family and friends would get together for an evening of music and storytelling and merrymaking. In Ireland, we make the most of celebrations tied to ancient traditions, including the solstice. Nowadays many towns and cities across Ireland have Summer Solstice Carnivals with fairs, concerts and fireworks and in more rural locations bonfires are lit on hilltops.

The Summer Solstice is a joyous and magical occasion celebrated for centuries. We hope you can join us for a truly memorable dining experience. 

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