Cooke's of Dublin

Fish & Chips to go. To go to Ireland for, that is.
When we came over from Ireland, we brought Cooke’s of Dublin – and their three-generation-long passion for the best Irish fare along with us. The food is simple, fresh, made to order and served to go. Or “take away” as we call it back home.
So whether your appetite cries out for an authentic Irish Beef and Lamb Pie, our delightful battered sausages or the Original One & One hand battered fresh fish & chips, you’ll go away happy. Especially if you choose one of our deep-fried candy bars for dessert. Bliss.


Cookes Specialties & Hand Battered Day Boat Selections

Original one and one
Georges bank Atlantic Scallops
Cold water shrimp
Mini Irish battered sausages
Battered chicken tenders
Sweet and spicy wings tossed in a honey chili flake soy glaze

Dublin Style Pies

Chicken and Fields Mushroom Pie - Chicken breast, mushrooms, leeks and potatoes in a white creamy sauce  

Beef & Lamb Pie - Fresh beef and lamb, fresh carrot's, leeks, onions and potatoes in a red wine jus


Fresh Salads

Classic Caesar Salad -  Grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan, homemade crouton and prosciutto crisp

Farmhouse Salad - Organic field greens, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers

Cobb Salad - Crisp romaine, Irish cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, boiled eggs, croutons and bacon with your choice of dressings


Burgers, Sandwiches & Wraps

Battered Burger - Hand battered burger topped with garlic mayonnaise tomato chutney and mixed greens 

Cheese Burger and Chips - Char grilled sirloin burger with tomato chutney, Dubliner cheese, garlic mayo and mixed greens

Breaded Chicken Sandwich - Hand breaded chicken filet with herb aioli, chutney and greens.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap – Char grilled chicken breast with caesar salad in a whole wheat wrap.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon Wrap – Warm grilled salmon filet with lemon and chive dressing organic mixed greens and sliced cucumbers in a whole wheat wrap.

Fish and Chip Sandwich – Hand battered and fried served with chips and homemade tartar sauce


Sides, Chips and Dips

Curry Dip
Irish Vintage Cheese & Bacon dip
Garlic Mayo

Crushed Peas

Double Dip Onion Rings

Fresh Chips

Side Salad

Side Caesar

Garlic and Parmesan skinny chips




Cookes Desserts - may contain nuts

Doh Bar Donut battered snickers

Fresh Fruit Cup

Cookes chocolate chip cookie

Edy's ice cream

Strawberry Roll

Black Forest Roll

Raspberry Pavlova & fresh Strawberries with ice ceam

Crushed Peas

Double Dip Onion Rings

Fresh Chips

Side Salad

Side Caesar

Garlic and Parmesan skinny chips