On Raglan Road

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Raglan Road is one of the best-known streets in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a beautifully leafy, elegantly quiet road lined with magnificent Georgian houses. But that’s not what made it famous.

It was a song, a legendary song, based on a poem called Dark Haired Miriam Ran Away written by one of Ireland’s greatest poets, Patrick Kavanagh. It was set to a traditional Irish air, The Dawning of the Day and performed by one of our finest ever singers, Luke Kelly, of The Dubliners. It’s like the perfect storm of music.

The song Raglan Road was first recorded in the 1960s and since then a great many Irish artists have performed and recorded it, including Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Billy Bragg, Sinead O’Connor and our own house bands.

When you come to the pub and hear it sung live, you’ll see why it’s so special. You’ll love it.

You’ll understand why we are so proud to have it as our name.