Patrick Kavanagh

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Everyone needs a hero. Patrick Kavenagh is ours.

Kavanagh was a simple man who became a famous poet who remained a simple man.

He was born to a farmer’s life on October of 1904 in the fairly bleak environs of Mucker, Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. Patrick worked the stony grey ground, sold his wares at fairs and markets, went to Sunday Mass, wakes, funerals and weddings. He played pitch and toss at the crossroads, he cycled to dances and he learned about life.

Then he started writing about life and never stopped until he died in 1967.

Patrick Kavanagh inspires us to enjoy our time here with good friends and to be happy for every moment. His poetry is incredible and we strongly recommend you take a quiet moment to read some of it.

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