Dublin Slang

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Here’s the A to Z:

  • A Aul one (elderly mother)
  • B Banjaxed (broken, wrecked)
  • C Craic (wild time)
  • D Delira (pleased)
  • E Eejit (fool)
  • F Fair play (well done)
  • G Gerrup outta dat (stop that)
  • H Head the ball (crazy person)
  • I In like Flynn (on to a sure thing)
  • J Jacks (restrooms)
  • K Kacks (underwear)
  • L Lee Marvin (starving, hungry)
  • M Muppet (fool)
  • N Nice one (well played)
  • O On the lash (having a few drinks)
  • P Puss (face)
  • Q Quare one (strange person)
  • R Rapid (great fun)
  • S Spanner (fool)
  • T Tosser (fool)
  • U Up the yard (get out of here)
  • V Vaseline (mean – know what I Vaseline?)
  • W Wearing the face off each other (kissing passionately)
  • X Xtra (an unwelcome, plain-looking person)
  • Y Yous (plural of you)
  • Z Zup (What’s up with you?)