How to speak Dublinese

Dublinese, A to Zs.

Being Irish is a state of mind – so get these handy bits of the spoken culture in your head.

A Arrrah go on would ya? (Get out of my face)
B Bleedin hell! (Wow!)
C Craic (wild time)
D Dopey Git (Fool)
E Eejit (Bigger fool)
F Falutin (Posh)
G Gear (Great)
H Hows she cuttin? (How are things going for you?)
I I’m in me grannies (I’m happy now)
J Jacks (Restrooms)
K Khaks (Underwear)
L Langer (bigger Eejit – see ‘E’ above)
M Mouldy (Slightly the worse for wear)
N Nuff said (That settles that)
O Oura-me-box (I was a little the worse for wear)
P Plonker (see “L”)
Q Quare one dat (Strange person)
R Raglan Road (Only Irish Pub you should ever visit in the USA)
S Slapper (Low rent type)
T Tosser ( See ‘P”)
U Up the yard (Get out of here)
V Venial-er (Amateurish lie)
W W****r (Think of a word that ryhmes with ‘Banker’)
X Xsstremeleee delirah (Very happy)
Y Yous (Plural of you)
Z Zooteach (House ala James Joyce)