You’ve been to an Irish pub before. But have you ever been to a real Irish pub: a pub that was built in Ireland and shipped overseas before being rebuilt? Raglan Road’s owners have built pubs all over the world but this is their best yet.

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A Poem. A Song.

A Legend

Before it became the name of our establishment, Raglan Road became a song – a collaboration of sorts, which combined Patrick Kavanagh’s poem, Dark Haired Miriam Ran Away, with the traditional Irish air, The Dawning of the Day. The man who put it all together was the great Luke Kelly of the Dubliners. Since the 1960s, when Raglan Road was first recorded, many an Irish musician, including Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Billy Bragg, Sinead O’Connor and our own house band, Tusker Rock, have covered it. Come by some night and ask the lads to play it for you. You’ll understand.

We love a good coincidence.

Raglan Road is one of the best-known streets in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a beautifully leafy, elegantly quiet road lined with magnificent Georgian houses. But that’s not what made it famous.



Kavanagh was a simple man who became a famous poet who remained a simple man.

He was born to a farmer’s life on October of 1904 in the fairly bleak environs of Mucker, Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. Patrick worked the stony grey ground, sold his wares at fairs and markets, went to Sunday Mass, wakes, funerals and weddings. He played pitch and toss at the crossroads, he cycled to dances and he learned about life.

Then he started writing about life and never stopped until he died in 1967. Patrick Kavanagh inspires us to enjoy our time here with good friends and to be happy for every moment. His poetry is incredible and we strongly recommend you take a quiet moment to read some of it.

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Previous Exploits

Nine Fine Irishmen

In Las Vegas, in the New York New York hotel and casino, you’ll find a fantastic Irish pub and restaurant called Nine Fine Irishmen. Like Raglan Road, this is an authentic Irish pub, hand built in Ireland, disassembled, shipped to Las Vegas and reassembled again. It’s the real deal. Where did that odd name come from? Well in 1848 nine Irish nationalists were captured by English soldiers and sentenced to death for rebelling. The crown saw sense however and commuted the sentence to transportation to Tasmania because they realised that killing them would make them martyrs. The guys were the Nine Fine Irishmen.