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Best Bars to Celebrate Christmas at Disney World

by Heather Leigh Carroll Walt Disney World Travel Examiner

The Christmas season is upon us and so many are packing their bags in preparation for visiting the Walt Disney World Resorts. While at Disney, guests from all around the world will be treated to twinkling lights, mouthwatering cuisine and lots of hot chocolate. For those wanting something a little bit stronger than hot cocoa can find unique concoctions and holiday-themed beverages at the different bars located throughout the Walt Disney World Resorts and Theme Parks. Here are some of the best bars to grab a drink and enjoy some Christmas cheer while at Disney World:

Raglan Road Pub Located in Downtown Disney, Raglan Road Pub offers both a table-service dining area and a bar that is perfect for hanging out at. Serving modern Irish pub-fare, you are sure to fall in love with the atmosphere and the live Celtic music. Don’t forget to hang around and watch the dancers, they are sure to get your toes tapping. Make sure while sipping on your Guinness this Christmas you order up some Bread and Butter Pudding to enjoy on the outdoor patio. The vibe, food and beverages are what make this a must-visit this Christmas season at Disney World. If you want to grab a bite to eat before enjoying the outdoor patio bar, Raglan Road is hosting a Christmas Day Dinner, featuring a traditional holiday meal. For more information about Raglan Road call (407) 938-0300. Downtown Disney is located at 1640 Buena Vista Drive in Lake Buena Vista. Click to read full article


6 Things You Will Love About Raglan Road

Guests who visit Walt Disney World and are looking for unique dining experiences are sure to be thrilled by the number of options available. From quick service meals and snacks to fine dining experiences and character meals, there are endless options for guests to enjoy. A great full service restaurant that guests love visiting in Disney Springs is Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. Allowing guests to feel as though they have stepped from Central Florida to a quaint pub in the middle of Ireland, Raglan Road serves up live entertainment, amazing food, and an atmosphere that can’t be beat. Those guests who are looking for a great location to enjoy a full service meal on their next Walt Disney World vacation should definitely try out Raglan Road. Here are six things that guests will love about Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant! Posted by: Caitlin Corsello  Click to read full article


10 fun facts in honor of Raglan Road's 10th anniversary at Disney Springs

Barbara Nefer Orlando Theme Parks Examiner

Once upon a time ten years ago, when Downtown Disney was still known as Disney Springs, an Irish pub called Raglan Road opened its door for the very first time. The area around it has changed pretty significantly over the past decade, culminating with the recent Disney Spring name change. Meanwhile, Raglan Road has remained much the same, maintaining its menu of Irish favorites punctuated with bands and Irish dancers who offer lively entertainment while you dine. Chef Kevin Dundon's authentic dishes bring people back again and again. Here are 10 fun facts you might know about Raglan Road. To hear more this venerable restaurant, click the video accompanying this article, where co-owner Paul Nolan talks about the anniversary, the annual Great Irish Hooley celebration, and local sourcing. 1) Kevin Dundon is a celebrity chef who stars in his own popular PBS cooking series. He won Irish Dish of the Year for his Glazed Loin of Bacon with Colcannon Mash, a Raglan Road staple. He has published six cookbooks and has cooked for luminaries like Queen Elizabeth II, President George Bush and Bono. 2) Corned beef and cabbage isn't on the menu at Raglan Road. It’s a New York dish, not an Irish one, so it doesn't fit in with the restaurant's authentic cuisine. 3) The three founders and owners of Raglan Road – Paul Nolan, John Cooke and Kevin Dundon – have commuted a combined total of nearly two million miles to and from Ireland to Orlando over the past decade. That’s equal to about 78 circumnavigations of Earth at its equator or eight trips to the moon. 4) Nolan, Cooke and Dundon each engage in secret (until now) pastimes: Nolan is the pub “tweeter” whose musings can can be found at @RaglanRoadPub. Cooke is a bass guitar geek, and Dundon sneaks over to the Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-through when he thinks no one is watching.·  Click to read full article


Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant at Disney Springs Showcases Seasonal Dishes Featuring Local Pork

Pasture Prime Berkshire Pig Breed a Local Treasure with British Origins LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (Nov. 4, 2015) – Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant master chef Kevin Dundon introduces local farm-raised pork from Pasture Prime Family Farm to the menu in three featured dishes now through February at the Disney Springs location. For starters, “An Irish Egg” features a fresh farm egg coated in crispy Guinness and Onion Sausage served on a bed of pickled cabbage with saffron aioli. Dundon’s “Pork by Pork” entree (pictured above) is a sage-and-onion-stuffed pork loin with cider-braised pork fricassee served with mashed potatoes and applesauce. And risotto lovers will get a spicy kick out of “Rinky Risotto,” a grilled chorizo and mushroom risotto. Dundon uses Pasture Prime pork with smoked paprika, cilantro and garlic for the house-made chorizo sausage.  Click to read full article


Slainte! Raglan Road Hits Decade Mark

Suzy Fleming Leonard, FLORIDA TODAY 12:03 a.m. EDT August 14, 2015

The heat of Central Florida summer gets to Kevin Dundon a bit. He’s used to the cooler climes of his native Ireland. He’s not complaining. As his Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant at Downtown Disney nears its 10th anniversary in October, he’s still thrilled to be part of Orlando’s culinary community. But sometimes the walk from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned restaurant is wilting, he says with a chuckle. Dundon is a busy guy. He splits his time between Orlando and Dunbrody Country House Hotel & Restaurant, which he has run with his wife, Catherine, since 1997. The Wexford, Ireland, hotel also features a well-respected cookery school. His 2013 cooking show, “Kevin Dundon’s Modern Irish Food,” aired on RTE 1 Ireland and PBS/Create stations in the United States. A second season, called “Kevin Dundon’s Back to Basics,” is now airing. He’s published six cookbooks. Plus he and Catherine are raising three children: Emily, Sophie and Tom. No wonder the heat’s getting to him. If he’s feeling any pressure, though, he doesn’t show it. He’s too excited about upcoming plans at Raglan Road, tweaks to the menu and Raglan Roots Coalition, the pub’s new house band.  Click to read full article


Raglan Road at Disney Springs to feature local Wild Ocean Seafood in Dishes

Ricky Ly of

When Chef Kevin Dundon was in town in June, he visited Wild Ocean Seafood in Port Canaveral to check out the local product, which is wild caught, sustainable, and fresh from the ocean. Wild Ocean has a market in Cape Canaveral, but can also be found locally in Orlando at the Monday Night Audubon Park Night Markets. Chef Dundon liked it so much that Raglan Road introduces this menu tomorrow featuring three seasonal dishes using Wild Ocean seafood. There’s no cut-off time set for the menu items — they’ll be on the menu as long as they are popular or when the season warrants a change, probably sometime this fall. Chef Kevin Dundon has committed to working with multiple local producers. Great news to hear and we look forward to hearing about more local seafood and harvest in our local Orlando restaurants!  Click to read full article


News: Great Irish Hooley at Raglan Road Irish Pub

Brooke Disney Food Blog

Located at Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs), the authentic Irish Pub and Restaurant continues its year-long celebration of its 10th anniversary. But, as always, they’re also celebrating the halfway mark to St. Patrick’s Day with their 4th Annual Great Irish Hooley. The party will take place over Labor Day Weekend, beginning at noon on Friday, September 4, and will continuing through Monday, September 7. One of the highlights of the weekend will be a collection of craft beers that Ireland’s Rye River Brewing Company has created just for the Hooley! Guests can choose from four limited-edition brews: Raglan Road Saison, Raglan Road Fruit Salad Weiss Beer, McGargles Jims CO2 Stout, and McGargles Francis Tropical American IPA.  Click to read full article


The Road to Ireland with Raglan Road Master Chef Cooking Contest Winners

by Julius Mayo Jr | May 20th, 2015

Raglan Road is going BIG for their 10th anniversary celebration and recently held a ‘Master Chef’ Cooking Video Contest for a chance to win a trip to Ireland. Video submissions were posted on Youtube and after judging, five winners were selected and recently announced. They will be flying to Ireland this week where they will get to cook with the restaurant’s celebrity chef, Kevin Dundon. Chef Kevin is based in Ireland and makes trips to Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Orlando, FL a few times a year. On this trip, he gets to show contest winners his part of the world. mighty St. Patrick’s Festival Raglan Road The five-day trip is packed with sites, food, and a cooking session at Chef Kevin’s famous cooking school. The winners will fly into Dublin to experience sites including Guinness Storehouse, Ballyminane Mills, Danescastle Fruit Farm, Hook Head Lighthouse, Loftus Hall (on the Hook Peninsula, Wexford is the most haunted house on Ireland), a commercial fishing boat tour as seen in Chef Kevin’s ‘Back to Basics’ TV show and more. There’s of course many food stops and meals along the way, including dinner at L’Ecrivain Restaurant, a Michelin star Restaurant, hosted by owner award winning Chef Derry Clarke (one of the Master Chef judges). What an eventful itinerary to experience!  Click to read full article


Raglan Road Celebrates 10 Years of Irish Food and Entertainment at Downtown Disney

Just in time for the St. Patrick's Day, Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant at Downtown Disney is celebrating ten years of dining and dancing featuring delicious creations by James Beard award-winning Chef Kevin Dundon.  Mighty Festival The anniversary will be celebrated during Raglan Road's Mighty Festival, March 13 - 17, 2015. So get your green on and join the most authentic St. Patrick's Day celebration in Central Florida with lively music and dance by a line-up of talented bands that showcase their Irish roots. Chef Cooking Demonstration Kicking off Raglan Road's 10th Anniversary, Chef Dundon recently gave a live cooking demonstration where he created a special menu of his inventive Irish cuisine. The four-courses served reflect the delicious dishes served every day at the restaurant. Click to read full article


Top Ten Travel List.Com - Restaurant Review

With dozens of tempting restaurants to choose amongst at Downtown Disney, how do you make a decision that will please the entire family? How does a large allergy friendly menu, live weekend Irish entertainment, a lively pub atmosphere, top notch service, and fun comfort food sound? Raglan Road, an Irish pub/restaurant, is Downtown Disney's best restaurant and one of the best choices for those following a gluten-free diet. Click to read full story


Sean Griffin: Keeping feel of his homeland at Downtown Disney 

For nine years, Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant has served up authentic dishes, music and dancing from the Emerald Isle to folks at Downtown Disney. Director of operations (and native of County Kerry) Sean Griffin calls the eatery "a 500-seat mom-and-pop operation." He talked with Sentinel reporter Dewayne Bevil about importing the right atmosphere to Central Florida.

How does Raglan Road stand out in the sea of dining options?

Kevin Dundon, our signature chef, has a very simple philosophy on food, and that's taking the freshest ingredients possible and not messing with them too much and let the food do the talking on the plate — not disguising it too much with fancy sauces or so on and so forth. At Raglan Road, we have a unique offering in relation to entertainment coupled with our fantastic food and our great bars, as well. … Those kind of things make us stand out because it's an offering you can't get anywhere in Orlando; I dare say, even in America in general. Click to read full story


Anytime I can enjoy an evening at Raglan Road, I know it’s going to be a good one.

The Irish pub, located in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney, is well known for its authentic atmosphere and delicious, modern twist on Irish food. And the nightly live music and dancing makes it one of the best values in all of Disney. It’s dinner and a show all in one!

But recently, we had the opportunity to attend one of Raglan Road’s special dining events, the March Signature Dinner.

Part dinner, and part opportunity to launch a new book detailing the history and recipes of Raglan Road, we couldn’t wait to take part. Read on to see pictures of the evening, as well as some of the interesting dishes we had the opportunity to enjoy.


If you haven’t had the chance to pop into Raglan Road for a pint and a meal, you should take care of that as soon as possible. If you have any interest in pubs, this is a place you want to see.


“I’d Ate the Back Door Buttered Ma!”

Jack Spence Masthead


Yesterday (March 12, 2014) I was an invited guest at a special event held at Raglan Road located at Downtown Disney. For those of you not familiar with this establishment, Raglan Road is an authentic Irish restaurant and pub. It is owned and operated by Great Irish Pubs Florida, Inc., an Irish-owned company. If you're looking for authenticity in Irish cuisine, this is your place. The purpose of this event was to kick-off a new cookbook written by Neil Cubley and Kevin Dundon (recipes by Kevin Dundon). But before I get to that, I would like to describe the event. I arrived a little before 1pm and was shown to the press table, which was meticulously set for the four-course meal we were about to enjoy.

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St Patrick’s Day Festivities at Raglan Road with Chef Kevin Dundon – Downtown Disney

By , March 14, 2014, In EventsIrishOrlando

Ireland’s celebrity Chef Kevin Dundon showcases his new cookbooks at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant at a “Modern Irish Food” lunch demo during St. Patrick’s Festival.

In the midst of the Mighty St. Patrick’s Festival March 7-17 at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant, Ireland’s celebrity chef Kevin Dundon served up flavors of his homeland during two signature dining events.

Chef Dundon is known for his five-star Dunbrody House hotel and cookery school in Ireland, Dundon. He is also the master chef and creator of the pub menu at Raglan Road. His 5th book illustrates stories from Ireland featuring his restaurant partners, Paul Nolan and John Cooke, as well as himself. More than that, Chef Dundon has his own line of cookware and appliances! Don’t worry, his pans are stainless steel! Host of the PBS series, “Kevin Dundon’s Modern Irish Food,” Dundon cooked in the Grand Dining Room at the Downtown Disney restaurant and demonstrated recipes from the cookbook upon which the show is based

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Orlando’s Best St. Patrick’s Day Festival Is At Raglan Road

The spirit of St. Patty’s day has already begun to lend merriment to Downtown Disney, with the Mighty St. Patrick’s Festival going on this week.  Live music is playing every day and night, special menu items are available, and CelebrityChef Kevin Dundon is on hand to reveal his new cookbook.

I attended the Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant ‘Modern Irish Food’ Lunch this week, and was able to taste several new recipes created by Kevin Dundon.  Dundon presented his creative first course, the Espresso of courgette & almond soup.  Courgette is the European word for zucchini, and Dundon made it into a deliciously herbal, smooth soup topped with foam to look like a cappuccino.








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Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch: Fun For Families, Friends & Foodies!

Roast Beef Prime Rib Raglan RoadI’ve passed by Raglan Road during numerous visits to Downtown Disney, and always wondered what was inside the beautiful old building.  It turns out that this restaurant is the most authentic Irish pub you’ll ever find here in Orlando, since was actually built in Dublin and relocated right to the middle of Mickey Mouse-land!  Rich mahogany woods and sparkling stained glass windows frame a gorgeous round dining room, creating a dramatic setting for fine food and spirits. 

My past experiences with Irish food led me to expect something kind of mushy, bland, and heavy.  The only Irish dish I’d ever really enjoyed in the past was shepherd’s pie, but I decided to give it a go and try everything Raglan Road has to offer.  I’m so glad I did!  This brunch was not only the best Irish food I’ve ever had, but one of the most unique and delectable brunch experiences of my life.

Click to view full article from Crave Local


9 Hot Spots for Fish and Chips in Central Florida


Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant, Downtown Disney

Hands down, this place turns eating Irish food into one of the best culinary-sensory experiences in town. The Downtown Disney restaurant is designed with a new-age aesthetic, featuring a domed ceiling, outdoor seating and long, rich wood tables. The Raglan Rebels provide live music and Irish dancing, including on a one-person platform in the middle of the room. The fish and chips comes two ways, the traditional style and a tasty gluten-free version. “Our gluten-free recipe has proven to be huge,” said Dundon, Raglan Road chef and partner. Dundon uses rice flour and Champagne to achieve a light, crispy batter. Click to read full article




A Most Special Sunday Lunch at Raglan Road at Downtown Disney

After a family trip to Ireland, we jumped at the chance to re-live the experience over a shared meal at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant at Downtown Disney – and not just any “order-off-the-menu” experience, but a traditional Sunday roast, With a minimum of six guests, Raglan Road’s “Host the Roast” is one of a kind in Central Florida – there are plenty of Sunday brunches and buffets, but Raglan’s is the only one that lets your host do the honors and carve tender prime rib, roast pork, roast chicken or roast leg of lamb (OK, you can just relax and let the chef do it) much like families enjoy so much on the Emerald Isle. Click to read full review

posted on April 11th, 2013   Pam Brandon, Disney Parks Food Writer



Glam Without Gluten - Raglan Road Downtown Disney Review

In the middle of all the Disney magic, there hides Raglan Road a Irish pub in Downtown Disney. I have walked past this place several times while living in Central Florida and never thought once to eat there. After our Gluten Free For Life Exp in St.Pete we were STARVING for food. Gluten free samples are glam awesome, but I want FOOD. I scouted the area on the Find Me Gluten Free app on my iPhone (I HIGHLY recommend this app) to see what all was around us and read the reviews. Raglan Road had a very high rating and seemed to be very accommodating for us gluten free folks. Click to read full review


Get your Green on at Raglan Road

I'll admit, in the past when someone mentioned dining at Raglan Road I would make a skrinchy face. I had preconceived notions in my head I would not like the food. Hey, we all have our quirks, right?

How WRONG was I? Oh, about as wrong as I was when I didn't want to go on my first cruise! Ha!

Dining at Raglan Road is about more than just the food. From the moment you walk in the door, the detailed theming and memorabilia immediately transport you from Walt Disney World to Ireland. Whether you are stopping by for a pint or having a full meal, Raglan Road offers a setting where the family or just adults can relax and have a good time at night. The Irish pub features live music and step dancing Monday through Saturday. The pub has such a great festive atmosphere that it'd be hard not to have a good time, especially if you go with a group. Click to view full article

AllEars Founder & Webmaster Deb Wills


Time Again for that All American Holdiay: St. Patrick's Day


I was at Raglan Road in what is still named Downtown Disney last night as they geared up for the weekend’s festivities. You know, the big holiday on Sunday to honor Maewyn Succat. More about that in a moment.

Raglan’s celebrity chef, Kevin Dundon, was in town from Dublin and he brought along Derry Clarke, a Michelin-starred chef from Dublin’s l’Ecrivain restaurant. They did not make corned beef and cabbage, nor would you likely find corned beef and cabbage if you were to visit most any pub in their hometown on this or any other weekend. Click to view full article


Published on Friday, 15 March 2013 16:32
Written by Scott Joseph


Brunch with a Brogue: It’s a Taste of the Emerald Isle at Raglan Road

Finding a parking space at Downtown Disney on a weekend might fray your nerves, but your mood will lighten once you hit the road. Raglan Road, that is.

Any frustrations, automotive or otherwise, will dissipate once you encounter the spirited music, lively dancing, polished service, old-country surroundings and New Irish foods that comprise the Irish pub’s new “Rollicking Raglan Brunch.”

Its woodsy dining room boasts a domed ceiling constructed entirely out of architectural elements salvaged from Irish taverns and churches. Periodically, throughout your meal, a duo sings and strums lilting Irish ditties. But the main attraction is the Raglan retinue of Irish folk dancers who come and go, commandeering one or both of the pub’s stages (one’s a converted pulpit) and stamping their way through traditional jigs, reels, “river dancing” and Sean Nose, which is an ancient, improvisational Gallic style of dance. Click to view full article

Orlando Home & Leisure Magazine published Jan 18th


The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downtown Disney

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – The Full Irish Breakfast and other brunch specialties debut with live entertainment Sunday during The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downtown Disney Pleasure Island.  The brunch, new for 2013, will be served every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Raglan Road Master Chef Kevin Dundon presents a brunch menu brimming with Irish taste treats, and the pub’s mixologists offer a selection of signature cocktails created just for The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch.  Brunch guests can tuck into the chef’s Full Irish Breakfast featuring sausage, black and white pudding, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and fried eggs with potato “roasties.” Other brunch options include a Smoked Salmon Omelette or Pancakes with crème fraiche, maple syrup and mixed berry compote.  Those who prefer lunch or dinner menu items can have it their way with specialties like the Lobster Club sandwich with lobster & avocado, crispy prosciutto, watercress and citrus herb mayonnaise and Cluck Curry, chicken breast in curry broth with onions, peppers, leeks and steamed almond rice.
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My Fox Orlando.Com  Posted: Jan 15, 2013 2:42 PM GST  


Review: The NEW Sunday Brunch at Raglan Road Pub in Disney World

We were thrilled late last year to bring you the news that they would begin serving Sunday brunch after the new year. After all, we here at Disney Food Blog have enjoyed both lunch and dinner at the authentic Irish pub immensely.
Later in the week, we will be bringing you more exciting news from Raglan Road about another fun meal option for Sunday dinner. But today, we’re excited to bring you the first look at all the delicious dishes we sampled at a recent media event celebrating the launch of The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch. Click to view full article
Posted Jan 22nd 2013 by Brooke Disney Food Blog


The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch Debuts New Menu and Entertainment at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downtown Disney

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – The Full Irish Breakfast and other brunch specialties debut with live entertainment Sunday during The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downtown Disney Pleasure Island. The brunch, new for 2013, will be served every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Raglan Road Master Chef Kevin Dundon presents a brunch menu brimming with Irish taste treats, and the pub’s mixologists offer a selection of signature cocktails created just for The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch. Brunch guests can tuck into the chef’s Full Irish Breakfast featuring sausage, black and white pudding, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and fried eggs with potato “roasties.” Other brunch options include a Smoked Salmon Omelette or Pancakes Diaspora with crème fraiche, maple syrup and mixed berry compote. Those who prefer lunch or dinner menu items can have it their way with specialties like the Lobster Club sandwich with lobster & avocado, crispy prosciutto, watercress and citrus herb mayonnaise and Cluck Curry, chicken breast in curry broth with onions, peppers, leeks and steamed almond rice. Click to view full article

David's DVC Rentals

Published January 27, 2013


Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch at Downtown Disney Pleasure Island

Leave it to the high-energy team at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant to come up with an unbeatable combo for Sunday brunch: deliciously authentic Irish cuisine and foot-stomping Irish dancers with live music. It’s an experience we can’t wait to repeat.If you’re tired of quiche, bacon and eggs, Chef Kevin Dundon has a menu that carries you across the pond to Ireland. Start with the Raglan Road version of a Bloody Mary topped with a Guinness floater, or a bubbly Elderflower Fizz with St. Germain and prosecco, then dig into the classic Full Irish Breakfast with sausage, black-and-white pudding, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms, fried eggs and potato roasties (tiny potatoes cooked with a touch of duck fat). We recommend Kevin’s Ham Schnitzel, a plate full of breaded, pan-seared ham topped with a fried eggs and a side of chips (fat potato fries). Or a stack of thin pancakes layered with mixed berry compote and topped with crème fraîche and maple syrup. If you must count calories, there’s a simple smoked salmon omelet or steel-cut oatmeal. But since brunch so often is about indulging for the day, there’s also a rendition of Eggs Benedict with a rich hollandaise and prosciutto. Click to view full article

Disney Parks Blog

posted on January 25th, 2013 by Pam Brandon, Disney Parks Food Writer