So you really liked us

What our customers say between bites and gulps. We’re fond of our little piece of transplanted Ireland – apparently, so are our guests.
“What a fantastic addition Raglan Road has made to Downtown Disney. I had the pleasure of visiting this past week while I was in the Orlando area, and I had such a great time, I visited the next night as well! Kudos to the staff and management on creating a wonderful environment! I also enjoyed the musicians! Kudos to them for providing a truly Irish atmosphere! Is there a website or any venue where I could hear more of their music? Keep up the good work, Raglan Road. I'll be sure to visit every time I'm in the Orlando area, and I will recommend your establishment to all of my friends and family as a 'must see' when visiting the area.” S.R. (PA)
“We ate dinner at the Raglan Road restaurant in Downtown Disney. I have to say, it was quite possibly one of the best meals I have ever had (not to mention it was probably the best service we had too). I ate the Raglan Risotto. It was to die for.” JM
“A co-worker and I visited your establishment the evening of the 24th. I wanted to first of all to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit and we were both stunned by the band playing. I believe they were called Tuskar Rock. We will be back next year. See you then.” JM (KS)
“Hello. We had the pleasure of dining at your restaurant this past November. My children ordered the Shepherd's Pie and it was outstanding. Even my 10 year old that truly dislikes most meat dishes (she can't wait to be old enough to be a vegetarian) ate her complete meal and later raved to her Irish grandmother how much she loved Shepherd's Pie.” M.R. (NJ)
“We just returned from a family trip to Orlando, and the best meal we had, without a doubt, was at Raglan Road! I had the Fish and Chips, my husband had some kind of fish thing, I forget the name but he LOVED it, and our son had the steak. The drinks were awesome, and the decor is lovely. We are returning August for a week, and we plan on going to Raglan at least once, as a kick-off to our summer vacation. Many thanks, don't change a thing!” T&C D. (NJ)
“I was down in FL last week stopped by the pub and it was amazing, I had a great time. What was the bands name that played and where can I get a CD?” WD (NJ)
“Hello, I would like to start by saying I visited your Restaurant twice in the past month. (I live in Miami) and was amazed about everything, the food, the drinks, the decor, THE BAND! Wow you guys have it all.” J.C (FL)
“Hello. I just wanted to let you know we ate at the pub for my kid's 21st birthday and had a lovely time. The food was marvelous and the service warm and friendly. I especially enjoyed the music by Paul Duffy. What a talented man! We look forward to dining with you again in June. I'm spreading the word about how wonderful it is at Raglan Road!” JD (NM)
“We visited your establishment for lunch and had a great meal and obtained more info about the activities of an evening. We booked a reservation immediately and returned later. The food was even better if that's possible, the music terrific BUT the whole experience was made top notch by your young lady bartender. She made us feel as if we were back on the old sod with her cheery manner and style. I am so glad we decided to spend our time and eat at the bar, a first for us. We've been to many a pub in the US but none made us feel like we did when we were in Ireland and with your bartender you didn't have to close your eyes and imagine it. She made it just as real.” G&M G (FL)
“First of all, Thank you for operating such a Fantasmic Pub. The Food, The Drink, The Music, The Dancing, and the Very Personable Bartenders, along with the local color that frequents, every night. I was at Disney for a convention and just dreaded the thought of same old food at the Franchises, or worse, Theme Park Concessions. I have found home, at your place.” JB (MI)
“By far the best Irish Pub in all of Florida. I enjoy visiting Raglan Road after a hard day at work and have recommended it to all my friends and co-workers. The outdoor bartender is one of the best bartenders I have had the pleasure to meet.” JS (FL)
“I recently visited your restaurant and pub in Downtown Disney and had a GREAT time! Food was fantastic, the beer was excellent, and the music exhilarating! Thanks for a GREAT night.” TS
“I wanted to share my experience, my family and I had at your pub this past wednesday night. My husband and I came in for the first time and experienced the best service we could we remember in a long time. It’s hard to find good service these days, so we treasure it. You have a excellent restaurant and my husband and I will be sure to tell everyone about our experience. Thanks so much.” LM (NY )
Upon being seated in the Downtown Disney, Orlando restaurant Raglan Road, I asked my wife who has visited Dublin, if the interior decor was typical of an Irish Pub; she said it absolutely was just much larger. We had the good fortune to be seated in front of the fireplace in the area known as the Raglan Room at what our hostess said was the best table in the house. Our seats were comfortable armchairs unlike the chairs around any other table and were situated directly adjacent to the fireplace. The room is dark wood panels with interesting art and carvings. The above mentioned fireplace was gorgeous carved wood, inlaid tile, and heavy wrote iron. At one end of the room was a massive carved bar beyond which was the main dining area an open room with a bandstand and raised wooden dance floor.

Our server arrived promptly and, as is normal, asked what we would like to drink. I asked what the had on draught and was pleased with the list which consisted of brews you expect to find in the typical Irish pib -- Guinness, Boddingtons’s, Strongbow -- and a few others like Stella Artois. I chose Bodington's. We were ready to order (we looked over the menu while we waited for our table), my wife chose the sirloin steak and I ordered the Shepard’s pie.

As we waited for our entrees to arrive, the waiter brought a basket of bread and a plate with a dipping sauce. The bread, while not warm, was a delightfully chewy, multi-grain bread. The dipping sauce was different from anything I have had before, it was sweet which we determined to be honey, but also had a caramel flavor. Alas, I forgot to ask what the sauce actually was, perhaps another hound can provide that information, but it was very good.

Our entrees arrived very quickly to our great delight since we were quite hungry. The presentation was pleasant; my wife's steak was plated atop a mound of mashed potatoes, glazed with Irish whiskey, and topped with fried onion strings, my Shepard’s pie was contained in a large bowl, shaped into a two-layered, five-inch cylinder and surrounded by a red-wine reduction. I had also ordered a side of asparagus which arrived attractively lined up in a bowl set slightly askew atop another. Both entrees smelled wonderful.

My wife cut into her steak, scooped a little of the potatoes on the meat and wrapped an onion string around it. As she placed the steak in her mouth and began to chew I saw her eyes fly open, and a huge smile come over her face. She made a few noises that I have heard only during non-food related activities before and began to quickly cut another piece. She fixed the second bit up as she had the first and offered it to me. As I began to chew the mouthful it became apparent that chewing was strictly optional -- this steak was so tender that it literally disintegrated as the flavor exploded in your mouth. I began to understand the noises and I think I made a few of my own. This steak was quite possibly the best steak I had ever tasted -- and I have eaten many steaks in my 45 years.

I moved on to my Shepard’s pie with great anticipation; if this restaurant was that good with steak, I had to find out how it did with my dish. For my first bite I made sure to get an even amount of the mashed potato topping and the ground beef and lamb filling as well as some of the red wine reduction. The flavors melded wonderfully in my mouth and met my now raised expectations of the dish. The seasoning of the ground meats and the accompaniment of the red wine lent this classic Irish dish an extra punch that surely would make any Irishman long for home.

After the meal, we sat and allowed our meals to settle. The portions were a great value for their reasonable size and we were very pleased with the bill when it arrived. As we walked off our dinner strolling through Downtown Disney, my wife kept commenting on how good her steak was, and I reminisced on the savory delights of my Shepard’s pie. We have found a new favorite restaurant at Disney, Danny boy, and these eyes, though not Irish, are definitely smiling. MW FL