Frequently Annoying Questions

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Frequently Annoying Questions

Yes the Pub came from Ireland. The Bars are 130 years old. Much like we feel at 2am.

No! We stand corrected. The restrooms came from Wisconsin. (Go Wisconsin!)

Yes some Irish guys own it. Their Bank Manager will be delighted to see you here.

No our Servers will not try an Irish dance – we tried them out and it was just ugly…

Yes our food is different. It’s what we eat in Ireland today (5 hours ago actually)

No we don’t cook anything from frozen or anything that’s not fresh.

Yes Irish cuisine has indeed come on a bit. Fancy that…

No we won’t accept low quality ingredients (see line 3 above)

Yes our house Raglan Dancers and Bands play 7 nights a week. Talented too but don’t tell them.

No we don’t serve half pints. Its grounds for imprisonment back home in Ireland.

Yes our Irish Dancers are pretty and yes they did dance with that famous fancy-pants Dancer

No. They are not on the dating market. (The line starts here…)

Yes you can dance if the urge takes hold of you.

No thanks but we’d rather not watch. Delicate tummies you know…

Yes our little shop is quite pretty with fancy clobber and gifts. Thanks.

No you can’t take the bronze statue (outside) home with you.

Yes the Pub serves fresh fish flown daily from Boston.

No we’re not crazy. It’s worth the effort. And the fish get air miles.